Matilde Mozzanega is a Contemporary Jewellery Designer from Milan based in London. Central Saint Martins’ Jewellery Design graduate with a First Class Hons Degree in 2018, she then spent one year in Florence attending an MFA Degree at Alchimia School of Jewellery and Body Ornaments. She currently produces her own pieces and works as consultant for several London based brands. 

Her work sits within the context of Jewellery and Sustainability; she is fascinated by the power of jewellery as a healing and wellness source within our day-to-day life as a modern take on the ancient tradition of jewellery as talisman. Her most recent collection titled chromo-dope, explores the idea of transformation and interchangeability within jewellery.

The inspiration for the collection came from the social media movement #postyourpill and the rising mental health issues amongst people but especially young adults in the past two years. chromo-dope would like to be a constant reminder of the sacred importance daily rituals have for our mental health: dedicating time, love and care towards an object, suddenly becomes an act of healing self-love.