Collection: BLING & BLOOM

BLING & BLOOM Collection - Transparent Waste Revival 

Limited Edition pieces with signed certificate of authenticity to guarantee that these are one off bespoke pieces, never to be remade

The pieces are a continuation series from her graduate collection Transparent Waste, The power of Transformation. The inspiration for this collection came from the exuberant Netflix series ‘The House of Flowers’ - Jewellery for the Eye and the Soul – created as part of a group exhibition during Munich Jewellery Week 2021.

Bling&Bloom is a collection that combines traditional jewellery with packaging waste. The two aesthetics are clashing and at the same time they highlight one another. The collection is made out of four necklace pieces with vacuum sealed Swarovski crystals and dry flowers within recyclable plastic pouches. Each necklace represents a season and a flower with its meaning:







The colourful chains are made out of recycled plastic.

This collection wants to draw attention to the major and current issue related to plastic waste. it also invites the wearer to be quite playful with the way the necklaces are worn. In fact, the pouches can be exchanged with someone else or the chain can be removed and one can use a chain they already have with the existing pouch.

This is a playful and interactive way of ‘rethinking’ jewellery and at the same time it wants to highlight a very important issue that affects us all.


(Materials: vacuum sealed recycled Swarovski crystals/pearls, recycled fabrics and flowers within recycled plastic pouches, recycled acrylic chains)

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