Transparent Waste:
inspired by traditional jewellery, a creative way of repurposing plastic packaging
My sustainable design proposal for the project brief  ‘Old Stock-New Jewellery’ consists of playful and contemporary necklaces made out of Swarovski crystals, vacuum sealed within recyclable plastic pouches.
The inspiration for the design came from the PVC plastic film utilised to protect the Swarovski stock we had been given. I found the quality of the plastic very alluring and interesting when it was still wrapped around the pieces.
Borrowing the aesthetic from traditional colliers and pearl necklaces, the design is a commentary on the current and urgent issue related to packaging plastic waste. “Transparent Waste” relates to the concept of transparency which is both literal and metaphorical for the use of the plastic packaging.
The innovation of the design dwells on the playfulness and possibility of exchanging vacuum sealed ‘pouch pendants’ with already existing chains or swapping them with someone else.
The pendant could also have crystals on both sides with a different colour palette thus to make it reversible. Giving the consumer the option to change the design encourages the wearer not to get too attached to the jewellery, and in the mean time offering the opportunity to explore one’s creativity.
So my design proposal encourages us to rethink the idea of jewellery and draws attention to a contemporary issue that affects us all.

(Materials: vacuum sealed recycled Swarovski crystals/pearls within recyclable plastic pouches, recycled brass chain links)


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